Jiangsu Yi Shun Logistics Co., Ltd.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Business
Yishun Logistics has over 100 forklifts and various types of transport vehicles and a total warehouse area of up to 100,000 aquare meters.
We provide enterprises with fast and intant supply chain management service such as inventory reserve, shipping integration, distribution, production support, pre-sales preparation and etc. We configure supporting warehouse system, loading and unloading system and professional standard operation procedures base on product

features, package requirements, storage conditions, transportation environment, and turnover factors and optimize warehouse location base on sales conditions. During

the warehouse management, we can also procide customers value added services such as coding, re-packing, scanning and etc. to fulfill sales requirements to expand and

deepen our warehouse service scope.
Currently we manage and operate warehouse as follows, LG Display warehouse, LG Logistics warehouse, LG Electronics warehouse, Ericsson warehouse, And Longtan Port CFS warehouse, Nanjing Comprehensive free trade zone warehouse.

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