Yishun Logistics 2017 Annual Meeting

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January 27, Yishun Logistics 2017 annual meeting was being held in Nanjing. 

The leaders of the company, the heads of various branches, heads of departments and staffs of more than 70 people attended the meeting.

The meeting preferred to announce the company's organizational structure for 2018. Mr. Liu yuebin, general manager of the company, reviewed and Shared the experience in 2017. Improvement opinions and Suggestions are put forward for each department, asked all of the branches, each department in 2018 to set up good mental outlook, the responsibility of the good accomplishment and professional team spirit, and puts forward the work target of 2018.

The heads of branches, heads of departments and representatives also competed to make statements, summarizing the work of 2017 and looking forward to the New Year.

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